August 21, 2023 03 More Reasons Jewelry Makes us Better Humans

03 More Reasons Jewelry Makes us Better Humans

4. Jewelry rewards and empowers.
Jewelry Gift Idea #4 = A necklace that includes an element reminiscent of the wearers greatest achievement.
Trophies aren’t just little gold statues. Jewelry is given to recognize people’s achievements and remind them how powerful and strong they are in determination and tenacity.

Presidential and military rewards honor people with pins and medallions. Olympic medals tribute the finest athletes with a pendant around their necks. On a more accessible note, The Inspiring Women Projectrewards those doing good things for their families and communities with a silver necklace award.

Celebrating great accomplishments like graduations, job promotions, or other achieved goals with jewelry is a fantastic way to regularly remind us to feel pride in our abilities. Every time we wear that jewelry we know we can do whatever we set our minds to.

When we feel strong and able, we can challenge ourselves to do more and better our community.

ommissioned by her parents to celebrate Abby’s graduation from college in 3.5 years – the smaller stones represent the first 3 years and the large stone represents the final half year, reminding her when she sets her mind to something and works hard, she can accomplish anything.

5. Jewelry brings ancestors to life (in our hearts and minds).
Jewelry Gift Idea #5 = Remake an old heirloom into something new and wearable
Perhaps you’ve inherited your grandma’s pearls or great aunt’s wedding ring? Each time a piece of jewelry is passed from one generation to the next, it brings with it the stories and emotions connected to our ancestors.

Re-envisioning inherited jewelry into new treasures is a fantastic way to honor the past while giving it a modern look more relatable to your style. The necklace may look different, but it still contains grandma’s pearls so every time you wear it you’ll think of her.

Regardless if it’s redesigned or the original heirloom, the history contained in jewelry is a powerful reminder of where we come from and the people who’ve made us who we are.

When we feel connected to our past, we have an easier time facing the future.

Renee loved her aunt and the fact that she could be regularly reminded of her with her inherited jewelry. But since the pieces weren’t something she would wear, we re-envisioned them into something new (to better suit her earthy style) so she could pull the bits out of the back of the drawer and into the spotlight, facilitating cherished memories of her aunt on a regular basis.


6. Jewelry heals and helps us advance intentions.
Jewelry Gift Idea #6 = A piece that includes a gemstone packed with meaning that reflects the recipients current goals and dreams.
Many believe natural elements, including metal and gemstones, have healing properties. Gold is thought to have anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and calming effects. Silver is used to promote strength and stamina and fight infection and disease.

I frequently get nosebleeds, always have. The only thing I’ve ever had stop one in an instant is a rhodonite gemstone held to the outside of my nose. Crazy but true. On an emotional level, gemstones have long been thought to have vast and intense power to help the wearer with a myriad of issues. Rose quartz is notoriously thought to open the heart to love and trust. Emeralds will help you be loyal, heart centered and make choices from a place of love and compassion. Rubies are thought to conjure passion, confidence, adventure, and courage.

Whatever the topic, there is likely a gemstone that will help facilitate the desired outcome. And even if you think the idea of rocks and metal having the power to heal is woo woo nonsense, having the reminder of your goal is sure to lead to progress.

The heart follows the intentions we set for ourselves so jewelry can be a great regular reminder of what we are striving for in life.

When we feel healthy, we bring more goodness out to the world.

Jewelry tells a story.
Jewelry is not just another pretty frivolous thing.
Jewelry has power.
What’s the story behind your favorite jewelry? (Comment below!)
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