August 21, 2023 Biggest Jewelry Trends Include Statement Rings and Chunky Hoops

Biggest Jewelry Trends Include Statement Rings and Chunky Hoops

This season’s hottest jewelry trends are made to coordinate with summer’s biggest events.



  • Disco Jewelry
  • Statement Rings
  • Chain Necklaces
  • Chunky Hoops

Disco Jewelry
The other big concert of the summer is Beyoncé’s Renaissance Tour, which has the Hive showing up in their disco finest to witness the icon’s three-hour, house music-inspired extravaganza. This comes alongside a general comeback for ’70s trends and silver, so there’s never been a better time to go big and embrace a bit of reflective shimmer in your jewelry choices, be it through disco ball-inspired earrings or chunky, party-ready bracelets.

Statement Rings
Rings are always a great way to express your personality, as if you accumulate enough of them, the combination is almost guaranteed to be totally unique. Chunky rings are still going strong after skyrocketing to popularity in recent years, and plenty of standout designs, colors, and silhouettes are on the rise as well. Find a few rings that fit your personal aesthetic and favorite trends, and you’ll have a fun collection to mix and match with your outfits all summer long.

Chain Necklaces
A gold chain necklace is a classic piece that never truly goes away, but it’s definitely been on the rise lately. As a summer 2023 jewelry trend, the look has plenty of modern variations, from different link sizes and shapes to layered options. If you’ve always liked the idea of a chain necklace but didn’t feel like it quite fit your style, now is the perfect time to discover a version you’ll love.

Chunky Hoops
Another modern resurgence of a constant jewelry staple, chunky hoop earrings are everywhere these days, with pairs available in practically every color, size, and design. Pick up a classic gold pair if you could use another in your collection, or try a trend-forward style if you’re feeling bold.

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