August 21, 2023 Make a Wire-Wrapped Stone Pendant in 5 Simple Steps

Make a Wire-Wrapped Stone Pendant in 5 Simple Steps

By Gayle Bird

You know when you see a crystal pendant in a jewelry store and think, “Wait, I can probably make that”? You’re right. You totally can. Making your own wire-wrapped stone pendant is pretty simple, and you can apply these techniques to almost any stone. If it’s your first time wire-wrapping, choose a stone that’s large and long — like a slab or a good-sized pointed crystal. That will make the technique a little easier to learn.
Wire-Wrapped Stone Pendant
Level: Easy
What You Need
Two wires of equal length (about 12″ will work for the average stone)
A simple crystal or stone
1. Twist the Wires

Hold the two wires together, find the middle and twist them around each other. You’ll need to make at least three twists, but this doesn’t have to be precise — you can choose to twist more than three times, especially for larger stones.
2. Place Your Stone

Shape the two wires at the bottom of the twist to create a V. Nestle the bottom of your stone in this opening. Now hold the wire V and the stone in place and bend the twisted wire up, so the twist lies against the stone.
3. Wrap and Twist Some More

Twist the wires together on the other side of the stone so the base of the stone is held snug. Continue twisting the wires and bend them up so they lie against the stone’s opposite side, as shown. Your stone now has wire twists on front and back.
4. Cross and Continue

Separate the wires in each twist and pull them to the opposite side as shown.

Holding the lower, wrapped portion of your stone in place, create new twists on either side, working your way up the stone. As you work, keep pushing the stone down into the bottom of the wire cage so it’s nice and secure. Your stone now has twisted wire holding it in place on all sides. Continue pulling the wires to the opposite side and twisting until you reach the top of your stone. Keep the wires as tight to the stone as you can to make the pendant more secure.

5. Create a Bail

Create a bail by making a double-wrapped loop and tweaking the extra wire to the back of the loop’s neck. Cut the wire tight and tamp it down in the back.

There’s your wire-wrapped stone! The technique works especially well on large, flat slabs or crystal points, but you can adapt it to just about any stone.

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