August 22, 2023 2023 Trend Forecast: Le Vian Predicts the Future in Las Vegas

2023 Trend Forecast: Le Vian Predicts the Future in Las Vegas

At this year’s JCK Las Vegas I had the pleasure of attending Le Vian’s 23rd annual red carpet catwalk event, which also provides the perfect opportunity to unveil its annual Trend Forecast. This is a glimpse at what the family-owned jewellery brand believes 2023 has in store for all of us, including shades of periwinkle blue, deep green emeralds and indulgent chocolate browns. Here is my summary of the trends to help inspire your next purchases…

With historic roots that wind back to the 15th century, Le Vian is a family-owned jewellery brand with deeply held traditions and a commitment to doing things its own way. Even today, the brand continues to reinvent the classics with strong colour combinations, blending gold, coloured gemstones and diamonds, as well as more unique and unusual hardstones for dramatic effect. It’s also known as an innovator; Le Vian was one of the first to use rich shades of brown diamonds and make them covetable through its ‘Chocolate Diamonds’ trademark.

And thanks to its longevity and success, Le Vian can make daring decisions. For example, it employs a strategy of finding gemstones at mine sites that are enjoying a period of peak production. This allows it to buy large swathes of material at reasonable prices, which can be passed along to its clients or preserved for use in future collections when inspiration strikes.

We all know that trends come and go. Or would it be more accurate to say that trends ‘turn and go’ and always come back! Having created more than 100,000 original designs in its history, Le Vian is an ideal source of knowledge for cyclical trends… after all, what hasn’t the brand seen or got stashed in its archives?

At this year’s JCK Las Vegas in June 2022, I had the pleasure of being invited to the 23rd annual Le Vian Red Carpet Revue – a catwalk show coupled with the formal unveiling of the 2023 Trend Forecast. This red-carpet event was especially meaningful in 2022 as it marked a special milestone for the LeVian family – the 100th birthday of their late father and grandfather. As a little side note, Eddie LeVian revealed that nine fresh-faced members of the LeVian clan have joined the family business in the last two decades, but it was the job of just seven of them to reveal the seven trends included in this year’s forecast.

As they took to the stage, they shared with attendees at The Venetian Hotel the charities the brand supports, including St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and Jewelers for Children as well as the Diamonds Do Good organisation that empowers people in the remote diamond-producing areas of the world. More than $1 million has been raised for these charities collectively over the last year alone. Let me guide you now through the seven facets of the 2023 Trend Forecast, which span nature, peace, tranquillity, joy and balance.

Alive! Beautiful Creations

Officially the ‘Trend of the Year for 2023’, Alive! Beautiful Creations is based on “a primal desire to attach ourselves to life itself, to nature, and to a sense of rebirth”. To bring this concept to life, Le Vian has focused on the flora and fauna of land, air and sea, including dogs to symbolise loyalty, fish to denote good luck and butterflies to remind us of transformation.


For 2023, Le Vian forecasts that periwinkle blue is going to be the colour we are all dreaming of. It’s an unusual shade, characterised by blue with varying subtones of pinks and purples, and is inspired by the calm of blue skies, still waters and vast expanses of seawater that make us feel grounded and peaceful. In jewellery, this manifests as ‘blueberry’ tanzanite, cornflower sapphires, denim shades and ombré gradients of blue sapphires, aquamarines, topazes and ‘grape’ amethysts.

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