August 22, 2023 More 2023 Trend Forecast: Le Vian Predicts the Future in Las Vegas

More 2023 Trend Forecast: Le Vian Predicts the Future in Las Vegas


“After being thrown way off-kilter, we crave a return to normalcy, to the restoration of balance, of opportunity, of possibility,” says Le Vian. To find this equilibrium, the brand is reaching to emeralds and is declaring the emerald-cut as the ‘Shape of the Year for 2023’. Its jewels feature traditional emerald-cut emeralds updated with a checkerboard facet patterns on the table, as well as bold halo settings with brown and champagne-hued diamonds, splashes of opal, baguette-cut diamond side stones, pops of peridot and coloured enamel. Here, we see great combinations of precious metal shades too, including emerald centre stones, yellow gold talon claw settings and white metal shanks.


Inspired by the sensation of having a bite of luxurious dark chocolate, the Euphoria trend is all about relishing and indulging in life’s pleasures. Of course, this lends itself perfectly to Le Vian’s ‘Chocolate Diamonds’ as well as a new collaboration with Belgian chocolate maker, Godiva. Brown diamonds are set in “Wrapped in Chocolate” jewels with ribbon motifs and chunky yellow gold settings that have a vintage, almost 1970s-inspired twist. Voluminous and curvaceous pieces are balanced with geometric designs too, such as stiletto-inspired pendants and paperclip-shaped earrings.


Who doesn’t want to live life spontaneously? Le Vian explains: “The fresh, enticing, electrifying colours of Le Vian Enamel bring moments to life, infusing them with energy and the impulse of joy. The perfect antidote to routine and restriction.” The brand predicts a 2023 full of creative colours, including cartoon-like smiley face motifs, canary yellow enamel, and vibrant gemstones set in halo designs with matching enamel hues.

Inner Strength

Platinum is the “precious metal of resilience, purity and high style,” according to Le Vian, which is why the brand predicts 2023 will be its big year. Imagine sleek monochrome outfits accented with bright white platinum and pops of rubies and sapphires in openwork settings. This is power dressing with jewellery!


As Le Vian says: “Optimism sparkles like rays of the sun, lighting up our darkest hours.” This trend prediction is where yellow diamonds come into play, especially in illusion settings that make their sunshine properties sing. Look for medallion pendants, rings and earrings all gleaming with natural fancy and fancy light stones. A collection of bee-inspired jewels with honeycomb-shaped adornments are also included, sparkling with chocolate diamonds, champagne and nude diamonds and hints of citrine.

Hearing about next year’s trends from such a large fine jewellery brand certainly gave me and the other attendees food for thought. The night was one of the high points of my Las Vegas experience and was live-streamed by US retailers like Kay, Jared and Belk to allow others to enjoy the moment too. Now, all that’s left to do is remember these seven predictions and see if they bloom into life when 2023 rolls around.

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